Gharesoo Bridges

Garesoo Bridge (Old Bridge) has a history back to Sasanian Empire year 224 to 651 AD. This bridge was rebuilt and refurnished during Safavid dynasty year 1501–1736.

As this old bridge was the only way connecting two parts of Kermanshah city together, Kermanshah municipality decides to construct new bridge alongside the old one.


Fanavary Novin Niroo as steel structure contractor undertake design, fabrication and erection of steel structure in total weight of 1600 tons.



Project Attributes

Place/Country Iran
Completion 2015
Business area Kermanshah - Iran
Project Type Steel Structure
Client Piab Saze Gostar Co.
Architect Ersika Co.
general_contractor Fanavary Novin Niroo Co.
Engineer Fanavary Novin Niroo Co.
Construction Manager Fanavary Novin Niroo Co.
Award -