that the operation of Shamil and Nayan dams, which are located 80 kilometers north-east of Bandar Abbas, began in 2001.
He aimed to build Shahmil and Nyan Soils in order to provide part of drinking water in Bandar Abbas, Qeshm Island and Bandar Abbas industries through substitution of 30 million cubic meters down the mine barrier.
He said the flood control and the maintenance of the basic rights of the Shamil River and the Prison have a great role in protecting the environment.
According to the way, the realization of these goals was accomplished by creating a common reservoir of Shamil and Nyan dams with the volume of 160 million cubic meters and exploitation of its underground water table.
He announced the credit worthy of 830 billion rials for the construction of Shamil and Nyan dams.
According to the report, Shamil Dam is a clay core with a height of 35.3 meters and an encirclement capacity of 83.3 million cubic meters.
The total volume of the dam reservoir is 126 million cubic meters in normal size with a crown length of 1,200 meters and a width of 214 meters.
The damping capacity of the dam is 4,630 m3 / s and its useful volume is 92.7 million cubic meters.
Shamil Reservoir Dam with adjustable water of 66.1 million cubic meters was built on Shamil River and Prison and decomposed in December 2009.
Nyan Dam is also a clay core with a height of 27.3 meters with a length of 510 meters and a crown width of eight meters.
The width of the dam is 172 meters and the body weight is 1/1 million cubic meters.

Project Attributes

Place/Country IRAN
Business area Hormozgan - IARAN
Project Type Hydromechanical & Electrical Equpment
Client Didas Co.
Architect Fanavary Novin Niroo Co.
general_contractor Regional Authority Co. - Hormozgan
Engineer Moshanir Consulting Co.
Construction Manager Fanavay Novin Niroo Co.
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